Latin tutor: online and face-to-face

High-quality bespoke Latin tuition at all levels, specialising in the ISEB Common Entrance and Scholarship exams.

Qualified Latin teacher with 20 years' experience.


Online Latin tuition: via a simple weblink; available anywhere.

Face-to-face Latin tuition: in Horsell, Woking in Surrey. Currently not available in response to government advice on social distancing.



As a self-employed tutor, Emma Williams offers high-quality tuition both online and face-to-face. She has an outstanding track record in terms of results, student engagement and progress.


Emma has 20 years' experience as a qualified teacher of Latin to students at all levels. She began her first full time job as a qualified teacher at The Latymer School, North London in 2000 and moved to Woking High School in 2008. She started out teaching Undergraduates at Royal Holloway, University of London and went on to complete the Postgraduate Certificate in Education at St John's College, Cambridge, where she obtained a PGCE and gained Qualified Teacher Status.  

"Selecting you was one of the best decisions I have ever made." Parent of an independent GCSE candidate, Grade 7 2018.

"She said she learnt so much more in your hour than she did in her many years studying Latin in school." Nanny of a new client after her first session in September 2019.

"Latin was such a chore for her before she started with you. The change in attitude is fantastic." Parent of a Level 2 CE candidate, Grade A* 2019.

"Your lessons were transformational. He got an A* in Latin. Thank you SO much for all your efforts with him. " Parent of a Level 1 CE candidate, Grade A* 2019.

"You nurtured our son's love of Latin and honed his skills. ... The school told us that he had distinguished himself in Latin! All thanks to your guidance and support." Parent of a Scholarship candidate, February 2020.

"It's a miracle, he got an A and a top third position overall! Thank you so much for all your help." Parent of a Level 3 candidate, Grade A 2019.

"You have turned dislike and dismay into enjoyment and enthusiasm." Parent of a Level 2 CE candidate, Grade A* 2018.

"I can see the progress you're making with her - many thanks!" Classroom teacher of a current Level 1 client. 

"He felt his Latin scholarship went well. I am sure the extra papers he did with you in the holidays boosted his confidence." Classroom teacher of a Scholarship candidate, 2019.

"He was awarded an 'A' for his Latin exam and the comments noted "an excellent paper - well done." Thank you so much for all your help. He was awarded an academic scholarship to Charterhouse." Parent of a Scholarship candidate, Grade A 2019.

"Thank you so much for your amazing help, he has been awarded an academic scholarship! We are very happy for him and grateful to you!" Parent of a Scholarship candidate, Grade A* 2016.

"He got an A in Latin. He is over the moon!! Thanks so much for all your help! I only wish I had found you earlier!" Parent of a Level 3 CE candidate, Grade A 2016.

"He got an A!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all your help - never expected a turn-around like that! How can this be the same boy who got low 40s a couple of months ago?" Parent of a Level 2 CE student, Grade A 2016.

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