How much do sessions cost?

For the majority of students, I recommend sessions of between 30 and 45 minutes as I have found these to be the most effective. I firmly believe that shorter sessions are the most productive and therefore the best value for you, especially online.

30-minute sessions are £30, 40-minute sessions are £40 and 45-minute sessions are £45. If you would like your child to have an hour a week then I would recommend splitting this into two 30-minute sessions: doing so will mean that your child gains a lot more for your money. I ask for payment prior to each session via bacs transfer, but it is entirely up to you whether you want to pay for more than one session up front, or pay as you go on the day.

My main areas of expertise are where demand for tutoring is highest: the ISEB Common Entrance, Scholarship entrance examinations and GCSE Latin. I also work with A level students. I can work with any of the published text books but mainly use my own resources so as not to encroach on those used by the classroom teacher.


My quoted rates are for students who are learning Latin at school and who require support. Depending on circumstances, rates may be higher for taking on sole responsibility for a student's tuition, especially if this will involve them entering a public examination.

How does online tutoring work? 

I offer tutoring using Zoom. As a platform I find it the most stable, the most reliable and the simplest for everyone to use. All you will need is a reliable internet connection at a decent speed, a microphone and speakers (integrated is usually fine, although a headset can help children to focus). You must ensure that your child has a quiet space to sit, with minimal noise intereference – no cooking or chatting in the background! For more on how I manage the use of Zoom safely, see the section on safeguarding.

How do I know whether the sessions will be useful?

Most students find that tutoring makes such a difference to their performance in the subject, they are only too keen to stick with it. However, it remains entirely up to you and your child whether you wish to continue and how many sessions you'd like to have. Some students enjoy longterm support, others appreciate a few booster sessions in the run up to their exams or ask for trouble-shooting when they hit problems with something tricky.  As a rule, the sooner you come to me, the more I can do to help. That said, it's never too late: in the past I have had a huge impact on students who have approached me just weeks or even days before their examination.