Rates, practicalities and my cancellation policy:

Tuition sessions are £30. For the majority of students, I recommend weekly one-to-one sessions of half an hour as I have found these to be the most effective. Shorter sessions are highly productive and therefore the best value for you, especially online. If we agree that your child would benefit from an hour or more per week, splitting that time into more than one session will mean you get a great deal more for your money. I also remain firmly committed to the one-to-one model as I believe it is by far the best way to help someone who requires intervention; for this reason, I no longer offer group sessions. If you'd like to read more about why I believe in 30-minute sessions you can do so here, plus my commitment to the one-to-one model is explained here.

I ask for payment via bacs transfer prior to each session. It's entirely up to you whether you wish to pay as you go or for several sessions up front.

If your child is ill or you have a genuine emergency, I completely understand that cancelling with notice may be difficult and am always willing to be flexible for regular clients. I ask for at least 24 hours' notice if at all possible and with more advance notice than that, it may be possible to re-schedule a session that your child cannot make due to other planned commitments; however, my calendar is very full, so I'm afraid I can never guarantee that an alternative slot will be available to suit you as I will be relying on cancellations by others. If you simply forget about a session, or cancel on the day when the circumstances are foreseen, my usual policy is to expect payment for that. Your slot remains reserved for you for as long as you want it, including into the following academic year. If you wish to change slots you will need to provide me with plenty of notice as my calendar fills up months in advance: I cannot guarantee that I will be able to find a slot to suit you if you wish to change the day and/or the time  of your child's slot.

To acccess my one-to-one Zoom sessions you will need a reliable internet connection at a decent speed, a microphone and speakers: integrated is okay, although a headset can help with focus. You must also ensure that your child has a quiet space, with minimal noise intereference; if you're cooking or chatting in the background, this carries through your child's mic and is quite unbearably loud at my end, meaning I will struggle to hear your child speaking. You should also consider what else your child has access to during the session, both on the device that they are using and on their phone. For more on how I manage online safely, please see the section on safeguarding.

Most students find that tutoring makes such a difference to them that they're only too keen to stick with it. However, there are of course exceptions to that rule and it is entirely up to you and your child whether and for how long you wish to continue. By the same token, if I feel that your child is not engaging with the sessions in a way that will ensure that they will see the benefits, I will advise you to discontinue. Tutoring relies on student buy-in and while I'm very experienced at encouraging young people to engage with the process, I have to admit that I can't win them all! I won't continue to take your money if I think your child is not benefitting from the process.

Paying for my services means that you agree to my basic Terms & Conditions, including the cancellation policy outlined above.